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Labwise Dental represents a new approach concerning the provision of high quality orthodontic and specialist splint products to the dental sector. Quality is easy to claim but is often sacrificed in order to increase productivity and profitability. We prefer to invest in delivering consistent high quality at the right price.

How good are technicians that produce your work?

A common measure for comparison, used by technicians and laboratories, frequently centres around quantity. The ‘best’ technicians are often perceived as the most productive and rewarded accordingly. We believe that rewarding productivity in this way encourages the technician to rush, cut corners, and to ignore unobvious errors in the pursuit of speed.

At Labwise every task receives the necessary time to ensure that quality is never compromised. Every procedure, from the receipt of goods to dispatch is proficiently executed with due diligence, expertise and care, without time constraints.

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Another consideration concerning quality is the use of trainee and unqualified staff to cast models. Although everybody has to start somewhere an assumption that casting is a low skilled job is dangerous. It is crucial that impressions are inspected, prepared and cast correctly.

A full understanding of an appliance and what model is required from the model is vital. Substandard casting can present a difficult choice. Do you; delay the job, ring the dentist, apologise, ask for another impression and recast? Or do the best with what you have? This dilemma is only applicable when a fault has been identified; some issues such as distortion, damage and model repair can go unnoticed. Either way if an appliance is made on a faulty model it’s likely to not fit, not perform or be uncomfortable.

All our impressions are only cast by qualified technicians. Casting requires understanding, skill, and expertise to ensure that it is right. We believe if every aspect of manufacture is the responsibility of one individual that individual becomes accountable for its quality whilst also benefiting from the satisfaction and acknowledgement of a job well done.

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