What do we make?


We offer an extensive range of products that include a full spectrum of traditional orthodontic appliances, specialist splints and devices.

Orthodontics – fixed and removable. Cosmetic – Bleaching trays, aligners and retainers. Specialist Splints to treat – sensitivity, sleeping disorders, clenching, grinding and migraine.

For our complete range of products and price list see below

  • msi snoring inhibitor
    MSI – Mandibular Snoring Inhibitor
  • ASA-Anterior-sprung-aligner3
    ASA – Anterior Spring Aligner
  • bonded-retainers-final2
    Bonded Retainer – flat or round flex
  • Silensor Labwise Dental
  • twin-block-finished
    Dual Coloured Twin Block
  • essix1
    Essix Retainer – linear or scalloped
  • partially-scalloped-essix
    Partially Scalloped Essix
  • PCR - Labwise Dental
    MCi Mandibular Clench Inhibitor
  • habit-breaker
    Habit Breaker
  • sized-modified-hawley
    Modified Hawley
  • URA Labwise Dental
    URA c/w fan screw
  • Indirect-bonding-ceramic
    Indirect Bonding Ceramic Set-up
  • Quad Helix - Labwise Dental
    Quad Helix
  • soft-nightguard
  • Products
  • bleaching-tray2
    Bleaching Tray